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A Conservation BlueprintBruce McPherson, Former State Senator and Secretary of State, 3/9/11

As a fourth generation Santa Cruz native and one who is appreciative of – and concerned about – preserving our natural resources, I applaud the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County for compiling its “Conservation Blueprint.” It used scientific data to show us what we have and how to care for it in a cooperative manner. Both protection and production of our land can be realized if we take a balanced, realistic approach in applying the “blueprint’s” data to solve many of tomorrow’s land use concerns.

George Ow, Jr., Businessman and Philanthropist,3/22/11

I applaud the creators of the Santa Cruz Land Trust Conservation Blueprint. It is a document that will make Santa Cruz a better place for ourselves, our children, their children and for all future generations. My family has been living in Santa Cruz County for over 100 years and we plan to be here another 100 years, and more. We want a livable long-term future for Santa Cruz and thank the Land Trust team for creating the Blueprint to do this.

State Senator Joe Simitian, 4/25/11

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County’s Conservation Blueprint hits all the right notes for these times. It takes a hard look at the threats to Santa Cruz County’s lands, water, and wildlife – and then offers a visionary and yet practical way to protect them for future generations. Perhaps most importantly, this Blueprint identifies priorities and cost-effective tools to achieve them.

Assemblymember Bill Monning, 4/28/11

The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County has made an important contribution to land use planning for the future in creating the Conservation Blueprint. It is a powerful tool that will help local governments, planners, land owners, conservationists, and all Santa Cruz County communities think wisely about how to protect our area’s rich natural resources for generations to come.

Miles Reiter, Chairman and CEO of Driscoll’s Berries, 5/18/11

“The Conservation Blueprint created by the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County is a remarkably thorough and thoughtful document. The recommendations represent some very welcome fresh thinking at an important time for our county. I am very pleased to see the Land Trust become an active participant in the planning for this very special place we call home.”


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