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Conservation BlueprintThe Conservation Blueprint is the Land Trust’s assessment of the natural health of Santa Cruz County – and our recommendations for the next generation of conservation of our natural world.

Read what they’re saying about the Blueprint.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the Blueprint.

Download our press release 5/23/11. (pdf)

Read Land Trust Executive Director Terry Corwin’s “Top Three Take-Aways” from the Blueprint.


Download “Conservation Blueprint Highlights”Conservtion Blueprint Highlights.
A full-color 24-page report for the general reader. (pdf, 2.6MB)

Request a copy of the Blueprint Highlights by emailing us names and addresses (free, donation requested).



Download the full Conservation Blueprint.
The full 200-page Blueprint with 24 maps – for the reader who wants more details. (pdf, 10MB)

Look at the Blueprint maps.

Order your copy of the full Blueprint ($51.20 through


What’s next?
The Conservation Blueprint contains 16 goals, 47 strategies to achieve them, and 143 specific recommended actions. We don’t expect everyone to agree with all of them. Our hope is that everyone concerned with the future of Santa Cruz County will act on those recommendations they do agree with.

Successful implementation of the Conservation Blueprint will require the active collaboration of conservation organizations, community groups, cities, resource and recreation agencies, agricultural organizations, the County, landowners and individuals. The Blueprint does not task specific stakeholders with roles and responsibilities for implementing recommended strategies and actions. It emphasizes building on existing efforts and partnerships.


How you can help
If you are a community leader, consider how you can help implement the Blueprint. If you work for a conservation agency or organization, consider using the Blueprint to promote partnerships. If you are a concerned citizen, consider participating in the development of conservation policies and programs.

Consider taking these steps:

  • Read the full Conservation Blueprint online. You’ll find 24 full-color maps and extensive information in its 200 pages.
  • Share the Highlights of A Conservation Blueprint or the full Blueprint with others who might be interested by emailing us names and addresses. .
  • Support the implementation of the Blueprint by becoming a member of the Land Trust.
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