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Raised in Campaign: $1,200,000

This year we protected more farmland – in a program we initiated almost ten years ago. To date we’ve protected 2,400 acres of farmland and there’s more on the way!

Protected farmlands in the Pajaro Valley.

Protected farmlands in the Pajaro Valley.

The Land Trust is working now on protecting more than 400 acres of farmland in the Pajaro Valley – and we expect additional opportunities to arise in the next few years. We are also exploring ways to help address the threat of water shortages and aquifer overdraft. We will be working with partners to assess the possibility of turning College Lake into a recharge and water storage facility.

Everyone wants healthy foods – and Santa Cruz County is one of the best places in the world to grow them! Only 2% of the earth’s surface has our Mediterranean climate, the key to the amazing productivity of our farms. This agricultural bounty is also an economic one for the county, creating jobs and generating tax revenues that support public services. While our local farmland is protected by county ordinances, these restrictions can be changed. Land Trust conservation easements provide permanent protection.

The Land Trust protects farmland by acquiring conservation easements from willing landowners – easements that permanently restrict development rights. It can and usually does take years to reach these agreements, making it next to impossible to predict what we will need to spend over the next few years. We expect to spend at least $2 million protecting at least 400 acres over the next few years.

10% of donations will go to support core Land Trust Stewardship and Operations.

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