Watsonville Slough Farm

In 2009, the Land Trust completed the acquisition of 442 acres of farmland and wetlands at the heart of the Watsonville Sloughs. In 2010, the Land Trust acquired another 45 acres, and in 2011 an additional 4 acres. The land lies just west of Highway 1 and south of Pajaro Valley High School and links 500 acres of wetlands already protected by state and federal agencies. When the Gold Rush—and the people rush—began, California didn’t have a lot of wetlands and since then we’ve lost 90% of what we had. Those few wetlands that remain play an outsized role in the natural order. They protect water quality and the health of the Monterey Bay, and they recharge our underground aquifers, the source of the water we drink and use for crops. Watsonville Slough Farm is closed to the public.