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Byrne-Milliron Forest comprises 402 acres in the Corralitos area. Byrne became a part of the Trust in 1984, and Milliron (pronounced just as the two separate words ‘mill’ and ‘iron’) in 2008. The Land Trust owns and manages this property as a working forest, and takes pride in making it available to its members and the public. The forest is a lovely place to hike and explore, with panoramic views of the Pajaro Valley and Monterey Bay, and a 1,000 year old, 250-foot tall “Great White” redwood. Please contact the Land Trust if you would like to schedule a group tour.

Directions to Byrne-Milliron Forest
Byrne-Milliron Trail Map
Birds of Byrne-Milliron Forest
Reptiles of Byrne-Milliron Forest
Amphibians of Byrne-Milliron Forest

Cutting Edge Conservation – Right Here in Our County

A couple things recently brought home, to me, the cutting edge nature of the work we do at the Land Trust. One was a blog by the Nature Conservancy’s Chief Scientist, Heather Tallis. She happens to be a local (she…

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