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Byrne-Milliron Forest Trail Map

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  1. Hello, LTSSC
    I run a High School Hiking Club and I have always wanted to Hike up in Byrne-Milliron Forest, but I was wondering if this would be a good place to take my club. They are intermediate/beginner hikers so I want to make sure that they would be suitable for hiking these trails. If so, what trail or trails do you recommend would be good for my club to go on.
    Bella Myrah

    1. Hi, Bella! Byrne-Milliron would be a great place to take your club. The forest has varied terrain, but on the whole, it is steep. If you stick to the Byrne Trail to get to A.J.’s Point I think your students will be 100% fine. It’s a fire road the whole way up, so there’s lots of room to “pull over” to rest (or for instruction), as necessary. If they’re looking for a more challenging hike – perhaps on a second visit to the forest – the Leanard Bartle Trail holds a lot of special magic!

  2. Please help with information
    I love nature and I love art- just finished reading the piece about your forest in Via Magazine.
    We would like to do the hike which has the most art along the trail- please can you recommend the best look to take for the art and perhaps another one for the views.
    We will drive to Santa Cruz expressly for this from Sacramento and so we would really appreciate some assistance with this.

    1. Jana — We have never thought of the forest as an art forest, so I don’t want you to come all that way and be disappointed. There are various things scattered through the forest by the long-time former caretaker, Jeff Helmer. A carved coyote at AJ’s Point of View. A carving of three bears at the head of the Three Bears Trail. A gnome or two hidden on some of the smaller trails. Jeff put these and many other things in the forest to make it fun for his children to explore. Some he made, many he picked up at yard sales. He called them hidden treasures. Whether they are “art” depends on your expectations, I suppose. We have never mapped them and the ones I’ve mentioned here are the only one’s I’m sure about their location. So come, enjoy the forest, but be aware it’s not a art museum!

  3. I would like o do a (solo) hike sometime soon. Do I need to get a permit in advance. or otherwise make reservations?
    Many thanks.

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