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The Purpose of the Blueprint

From Highlights from A Conservation Blueprint

The Conservation Blueprint is a science-based and community-informed document that recommends priorities and strategies for the next generation of land conservation and resource stewardship in Santa Cruz County. The Blueprint will serve as a strategic tool to guide the work of the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County over the next 25 years – and it will serve as a resource for conservation partners, nonprofit organizations, landowners, and other community stakeholders as they work together to protect Santa Cruz County.

That is what the Blueprint is intended to be. It is also important to say what it is not. The Blueprint is not a regulatory document and it is not meant to replace adopted plans and policies. Nor does the Blueprint prescribe the use of any specific land protection tools for any specific projects. It is not an acquisition plan and does not identify specific properties for purchase or protection.

Blueprint Development Process

The Blueprint was developed by the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County over an 18-month period. This collaborative process involved hundreds of others in a variety of roles.
We began by collecting and analyzing available land use, conservation and resource data for the county.

  • We commissioned additional research on current land use and growth scenarios, land values and landscape connectivity.
  • We solicited input on conservation goals and methods from more than 100 local and regional experts through a series of technical workshops and through additional meetings.
  • We hosted four community forums around the county to hear what the citizens valued most about the county’s environment.
  • We met with a wide variety of community leaders, including elected officials and leaders from agricultural, business and environmental communities.
  • In February 2011, we posted the draft Blueprint on the Land Trust’s website for a final round of public input.

Throughout this process the work of the Blueprint team was guided by a seven-member Steering Committee and overseen by the Land Trust Board of Trustees. The Blueprint Planning Team and the Land Trust are deeply grateful to everyone involved in this process.


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